Putting Marketing Data Into Action through Reverse-ETL with Supermetrics, Google, and Hightouch [Discussion]

Already use or thinking about using Google BigQuery to centralize, store, and analyze marketing data? Join us, Google, and Hightouch as we discuss the next step after data analytics—data activation—and how you can put data into action.
Henrik Warfvinge
Technical Leader of Artificial Intelligence,
Kashish Gupta
Co-CEO & Co-Founder,
Evan Kaeding
Senior Sales Engineer and Product Evangelist,

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Ready to turn BigQuery into a marketing insights machine?

There’s never been so much marketing data available. Without consolidating data in one single place, it’s impossible to understand your performance and make impactful business decisions.

However, doing data analytics alone isn’t enough. To make sure you’re not wasting data, you need to turn it into action. You need another piece of the puzzle—data activation.

We’re teaming up with Google and Hightouch to show you how to close the loop and put marketing data into action through reverse-ETL.

Here’s what you’ll learn
  • The limitations of the current data stack that block data teams from making the most of their data

  • The benefits of using a marketing data warehouse

  • Important factors to consider when building an operational marketing data warehouse

  • How reverse-ETL powers data activation

  • What companies can achieve with data activation

  • How to build a modern data stack that enables data analytics and data activation

Hosted by
Henrik Warfvinge
Henrik Warfvinge is the Technical Leader of Artificial Intelligence at Google. He has strong data analytics, IT infrastructure, and machine learning expertise.
Kashish Gupta
Kashish Gupta is the Co-CEO & Co-Founder at Hightouch. He’s passionate about helping companies realize the full value of their data and their data teams.
Evan Kaeding
Evan is the Senior Sales Engineer and Product Evangelist at Supermetrics. He’s dedicated to solving customers’ data problems.